Some individuals assume that all BMW oil, and consequently all BMW oil changes are the same. However, this is far from the reality. In many cases, folks will take their newly high-performance automobile to the local service center and purchase the cheapest BMW oil change! You might save money now but will end up paying more in the future due to unnecessary repairs. To ensure the highest quality BMW oil change for your engine, we strongly recommend taking your automobile to the manufacturer dealership for an oil change. In addition to the oil change, BMW service center experts will perform several additional checks on various parts such as brakes and tires. The oil filter is replaced with a new filter, ignition plugs are replaced every other oil change and air & fuel filters are replaced every 3rd BMW oil change. BMW will also use oils that are directly designed for use in BMW engines. You might be asking yourself, “how much is a BMW oil change cost?”

View the latest estimated BMW oil change prices below.


BMW Oil Change

3 Series E46 models$49.99 – $79.99
5 series$99 – $119.99
X3$99 – $119.99
X5$109 – $119.99
7 Series$125 – $149


When it comes to BMW oil changes it can get very costly, especially when doing it at a dealership. However, thanks to the internet BMW oil changes don’t have to cost a fortune anymore. The first and easiest way to save on BMW oil changes is by searching BMW oil change coupons. Simply search “BMW oil changes coupons” on and you’ll be provided with multiple coupon websites. Simply check them all out as it can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars.

Another way to save money on BMW oil changes is by checking out different BMW service centers as their prices may vary a little.

If you are in dire need of saving money on your oil change. Your best bet is to do it on your own. While we strongly advise you not to do that as you can end up with a bigger bill at the end, it will save you a lot. YouTube is your best place to learn how to change your BMW oil. Just make sure to follow it step-by-step! You can also find BMW forums where BMW lovers share their experience on different services.

bmw oil change prices

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