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Car Paint Myths That You Should Know

Car Paint Myths That You Should Know

One of the most expensive car upgrade is its paint. There are many reasons car repair shops give to justify the high costs of re-painting your car. Many of these reasons are actually bound by myths. If you dig deeper, you will understand that they don’t hold water.

So, to help you get a better deal with your forthcoming auto-repainting needs, here are some of the car paint myths, painted side by side with their true realities. This will help you haggle with the car paint shop for a reasonable price. Check out Maaco paint prices.

A glossy finish shows an excellent job.

Car Paint Myths That You Should KnowDefinitely, a glossy finish means that the car painter did a good job. But unfortunately, it is just one sign because it does not show you all the information that you need about the paint job.

To get a better gauge of the finished work, you need to touch it and feel the paint. A great car paint job is smooth all throughout the car’s body. If you feel there are other things embedded in the paint such as grit, grime, fibers and other items that shouldn’t be there, then the glossy finish is just a nice covering of a not-so-good paint job. These are sections which can break apart when subjected to the intense heat of the sun.

Clear coat finish does not require car wax to finish the job.

Car Paint Myths That You Should KnowYes, a clear coat finish offers good resistance to the sun’s UV rays. But since it is not protected by a coat of wax, the painted surface can break down and be contaminated by grit, debris and intense UV radiation. Clear coat finishes are only UV resistant, not UV immune. The verdict: you really need to protect your car finish with a coat of car wax.

Using a car buffing machine can damage your car paint.

Car Paint Myths That You Should KnowThere are different kinds of machines used for buffing and polishing the car paint. If the user is skillful enough, there will be no harm done to the paint of your car. In addition, all these machines can easily be handled efficiently even by newbies. Just a little training will help them get acquainted with the capabilities of these machines. In fact, it will make the job easier, and the results will be of higher quality if these buffing machines are used.

The best car wax to protect your car paint is 100% carnauba wax.

Car Paint Myths That You Should KnowYou have to understand that there is no such thing as a 100% carnauba wax. Pure carnauba needs to be combined with other substance to soften it because it is extremely hard. In addition, there are other synthetic car waxes that do a better job than carnauba which are also more affordable.

Factory paints are easily damage by oxidation.

Car Paint Myths That You Should KnowThis can be possible if you have a car that is already ten years old or even older. But with modern cars built and painted less than 3 years ago, their paints are probably made with UV resistant chemical substances.

Don’t use a silicone-based wax.

Car Paint Myths That You Should KnowThey say that if you use a silicone based wax as a protective coating for your car paint, you will not be able to repaint your car again. The truth is: once a car is painted, using silicone or other types of waxes becomes a non-issue. Car waxes can be easily taken off when there is a need to repaint the car.

Additionally, most of the car waxes sold in the market contains silicone, albeit in different consistencies. Silicone is used in car waxes because it facilitates the application of the car wax and enhances its durability.

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