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How to Change Your Cars Oil


Changing your cars oil is the number one duty when it comes to cars.  You may think its fine to skip your next oil change or go past your recommended oil change mileage but your WRONG!  Not changing your oil on time can have a significant impact on your cars life.  Remember those fast food places you went to and you can smell that old over used burnt oil on your fries and how nasty it tasted.  Well that’s how it is for your car! When you don’t change the oil, the old ones just being reused throughout the engine and after a while it looses it’s texture and causes the engine parts to rub against each other.

Below is a simple video that will show you how to change the oil in your car by yourself.  Changing the oil in your car is very simple and cheap. Although it’s much easier to take it to your local shop like Jiffy Lube and have them do it, following this video will help you do it yourself and for much less money.  You can even use this time to bond with your kids and have them help you out.

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