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Easy-to-Follow Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Easy-to-Follow Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage

You are not alone in wanting more miles for your gallons. With the uncontrolled frequency of gasoline price increases, who would not think of economizing on fuel? It would be foolish for you not to think of reducing your gas consumption every time you drive your car.

So, keep reading this article for it will give you enough driving tips which can improve your gas mileage.

Avoid too much idling.

Every time your car is in neutral, you are consuming more gas, especially if your foot is on the gas pedal. Why not shut off the engine totally, if you are stuck in traffic? Of course, this necessitates that your engine is able start no matter what weather condition it is in. This requires you to ensure that your engine is in tip-top shape so that it can start with one click, even in cold weather conditions.

Drive defensively.

Driving defensively and not aggressively equals less consumption of gas. You know why? Driving aggressively forces you to always have your foot on the gas pedal, no matter what speed your car is in. You need to do that if you always want to be ahead of the next driver.

This driving habit will not only consume more gas, but will also put your life – and others – at great risk. So, don’t drive as if you’re on a race track, because you are not.

Keep your tires correctly inflated, balanced and properly aligned.

Having your tires over or under inflated forces your engine to work harder, thus consuming more gas. Wheels that are not balanced and not correctly aligned causes your car to make extra movements that spells more gas consumption.

So keep the proper tire pressure on your front wheels and rear wheels. There are many tire service centers that offer wheel balancing and wheel alignment for reasonable service fees. One service center we recommend is the Walmart Tire CenterLet them service your car regularly and you will save huge amounts of dollars for fuel.

Don’t be like a see-saw.

Plan your trips every time. Not having to travel back and forth to fulfill errands will greatly reduce your gas consumption. It will also be less strenuous to your car since it will not be subjected to long travel routes. Having an itinerary for your errands will facilitate the accomplishment of whatever it is that you need to do.

Turn off your air conditioner.

Running the car air conditioner will shoot up your gas consumption considerably. If you want to economize, spare the air conditioner, unless you really need to. If you are not travelling on a dusty road, you can just open up your windows, and let the fresh air come in to cool down the car interior.

Don’t go through drive-thru services.

Whenever you use a drive-thru service such as an ATM, laundry, or food service, you are forced to do much idling while waiting for your turn at the counter. If you really need to, just turn off your engine and then turn it on once the line is moving.

Take off unnecessary weight.

Carrying too much weight will force your engine to work harder. Therefore, before driving your car, check everything inside your car and your trunk and remove all the unnecessary things that you don’t need on that particular trip.

Always have your engine tuned up.

Having an engine that is always in tip-top shape means it will consume less fuel than an engine that is running inefficiently. So, have a reputable car service center check up your car regularly so that you will know when to have an oil change, or air-filter to be replaced, and so forth.

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