The average cost for a Infiniti oil change may range between $29.99 for Conventional Oil Change and $79.99 for Synthetic Oil Change. For more information and how to save on Infiniti oil changes, continue reading.

Infiniti cars and SUVs have long been associated with luxury and performance. While Infiniti vehicles may not be as glamorous as its competitors like Mercedes Benz and BMW, they still appeal to motorists who want to have a contemporary and comfy ride at a reasonable price.

Whether you are driving an Infiniti Q70 or the Q50, having periodic engine oil changes is one of your responsibilities as the vehicle owner.  Changing the engine oil according to the recommended intervals of the manufacturer can ensure that your vehicle will perform well on the road for a long time.

Below are the latest estimated Infiniti oil change prices.

Infiniti oil change prices may vary by location, as well as the model & year of the car. Call your local certified Infiniti dealership for their official prices. Also check below on how you can save on your Infiniti oil change.

Oil Change

Synthetic Blend Oil Change$59.99
Full Synthetic Oil Change$89.99

Infiniti Oil Change

In the past, motorists were guided by a rule of thumb when it comes to the intervals of engine oil changes—every 3,000 miles. While that remains widely practiced up to this day you don’t have to keep track of the odometer to determine the right time to have the engine oil of your Infiniti engine replaced.

The Infiniti Maintenance Reminder should alert you that you need to make an appointment with your local Infiniti service dealer. This system keeps track of the last time that the engine oil was changed, provided the reminder was reset properly following the oil change. The system calculates the right change oil interval based on the mileage accumulated, or the time elapsed.

Like the oil monitoring system of other cars, the Infiniti Maintenance Reminder won’t be able to check the oil level. That’s for you to do. But isn’t it nice that you don’t have to manually record the last time you had your engine oil replaced, as the car will be the one to remind you of an impending oil change?

Moreover, you can also program the oil change interval in the Infiniti. You can set the interval at 3,750 miles or 7,500 miles, and your vehicle will remind you of the next oil change schedule based on your chosen interval.

infiniti oil change

Other Things to Know Regarding Infiniti Oil Changes

You can also try to change the engine oil by yourself. However, you still have to buy an oil filter for this job. You should also have the tools necessary such as wrench set, ramp or jack, and oil drain pan.

Sure, it would only take you less than an hour or so to drain the old oil and pour new oil into the engine. And you can save a few dollars by doing the oil change yourself.

But having a professional change the engine oil of your car can prove to be more advantageous. A technician can even look into the other parts of your car, and have the tires rotated, with you just paying for the oil change. That’s already a good deal, no matter how you look at it.

Infiniti Oil Change Coupons

You can save on Infiniti oil changes by looking for discount coupons or promos offered online. Simply search for Infiniti oil change coupons on Google. Your local Infiniti service dealer can even give you a discounted rate for an oil change, tire rotation, and multipoint vehicle inspection.

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